The Spa is the heart of regeneration at NRG Day Spa & Massage. Our health spa is your personal recharging station: a palace for powering down to power further. Take time to regenerate and elevate your performance with our always-evolving roster of Spa services. Deeply attuned to client needs, our Day spa team uses its expertise to provide you with the highest level of service, including deep massages, sumptuous facials and customized specialty treatments.


Massage with Aroma Therapy
A rejuvenating Swedish, deep tissue, sports tissue, trigger point or a nice prenatal massage used to increase circulation, improve mobility and decrease toxins, while lessening muscle tension. We pride ourselves in using Natural Hypoallergenic Massage lotion that contains Vitamin E and Olive Oil; no residue oils permitted.

Aromatherapy – The perfect way to relax and gain headache and allergy relief.


Swedish 30 Minutes –

Deep Tissue/Reflexology/Prenatal  30 Minutes-

Swedish 1 Hour –


Deep Tissue/Reflexology/Prenatal 1 Hour-


Swedish 90 Minutes –


Couples Massage –

60 Min-
Swedish $160

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are used to penetrate deep muscle layers during this massage. This service is best used to promote pain relief, relaxation, and lessen muscle tension.
1 Hour- $120
90 Minutes – $160

Facial Treatments

Hydrafacial – $80

(Allow 45 min.)
This facial begins with a double cleanse and skin analysis followed by a personalized exfoliation treatment, extractions if necessary, a facial massage and concludes with a rejuvenating mask full of essential vitamins needed for fresh, glowing and healthy looking skin.

Deluxe European Facial – $100

(Allow 60 min.)
This is a luxurious and customized Facial with Exfoliation, Hydrating Serum, Aromatherapy Massage and a mask for your full relaxation. Your skin never felt and looked better.

Acne Treatment – $90

(Allow 45-60 min.)
Tired of breakouts, acne and clogged pores? We have a solution just for you. The Acne Treatment is a deep cleansing facial with extractions, exfoliation,  combined with a clarifying mask followed by a preventive detox.
Say bye-bye to acne.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening – $210

What is Radio Frequency Skin Tightening?

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening is a safe and noninvasive treatment, which uses heat to encourage the production of collagen and tighten the skin.

Our Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatment can be used for the face and the body. The procedure helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, and decrease signs of ageing such as wrinkles.

How does Radio Frequency Skin Tightening work?

When treating the face, the Radio Frequency probe will heat the skin to a temperature of 38-40 degrees Celsius. A smaller probe will be used to treat the eye area, which heats the skin to 36 to 38 degrees Celsius. This thermal energy stimulates the growth and strengthening of collagen, which is a protein that contributes to elasticity of the skin.

If you are undergoing Radio Frequency Skin Tightening on the body, then the Radio Frequency probe will heat the skin to a temperature of 40-45 degrees Celsius. In order to achieve these higher temperatures, a larger probe is used when treating the body.

The temperature of the skin will be monitored throughout the treatment to ensure that it does not get too hot.

Post-treatment care

It is normal to notice mild redness in the area after the treatment. The area may also feel a little tender. This is nothing to worry about, and will generally fade within a few days. Please follow the aftercare instructions below, which will help you to get the best results:

Avoid hot environments such as saunas, steam rooms and hot showers for a minimum of 72 hours after the treatment. If you have a bath or a shower, use warm water.

Do not undergo any heat treatment for at least a few days, as this may make the area feel sore.

Apply C TOX Serum to the area at least once a day following the procedure, to stimulate collagen synthesis.

When will you see results?

It is important to note that results vary from person to person, and the results that you see will depend on your body and the number of treatments you have had. Typically, our clients notice results in the first few weeks following the treatment.

How to track your process

Take pictures for comparison. When you look at your body every day, you may not notice gradual changes. Take a picture before the treatment, and once every one or two weeks after the treatment, so you can compare.


Oxygeneo Facial Treatment – $250

What is an Oxygen Facial?

An oxygen facial is a procedure typically done by an aesthetician in a spa. It’s considered a “nonmedical” procedure since nothing is injected into the body and no chemicals are used.

The procedure

During the procedure, an aesthetician will first cleanse and exfoliate your face. Every spa has its own process of administering an oxygen facial, but typically, a wand is used to deliver a stream of high pressurized oxygen to the skin’s surface.

Serums, usually containing hyaluronic acid which is known to plump the skin, are also applied to the face with the wand or after the oxygen portion of the facial.

Length of treatment

The length of oxygen facials varies depending on the spa, but you can expect the treatment to take at least 30 minutes to an hour.

Recovery time

Unlike more invasive treatments, there’s no downtime or healing after an oxygen facial. You can even apply makeup directly after if you choose.




• Eyebrows                     • Chin
$25                                   $15
• Lip                                 •Face (brows, lip, chin)
$15                                   $40
•Half Arm                       • Full Arm
$45                                   $60
• Half Leg                        •Full Leg
$60                                   $90
• Underarms                  •Bikini
$30                                   $60
• Chest                             • Back
$45                                   $60
• Brazilian/                     • Full Body Wax
Manzillian                    $400

Cupping Treatment

$50 (Additional Service)

Body Scrubs

Full Body Exfoliation & Body Butter – (Allow 75 min.)
Great for dry skin! Exfoliator is massaged on the body, then removed with a warm cloths and balanced with your choice of body butter.
Swedish Massage and Exfoliation